About us & our brand

Engblad & Co

The spirit of bold innovation and a keen sense of style has defined us from the very start. First in Scandinavia to design and manufacture wallpaper. And first to explore a range of techniques and expressions to advance the art of wallcoverings and how to elevate the experience of a room.

Early on, we also understood the power of diverse creative collaborations, and our ground-breaking partnerships have included some of the most influential designers, illustrators and architects of the century. As a result, we can proudly present an exciting assortment of classic and award-winning wallpapers, as well as a steady output of eclectic collections that are part of shaping the most stylish interior trends of today, and tomorrow.

The Engblad & Co brand

The birth of Engblad & Co. coincides with the emergence of Scandinavian design and profound changes in visual art. It’s exciting times and influences from the outside world constantly fuel new ideas. All this help shape our brand that today is recognised for bold and sophisticated expressions, purity of form and an ability to constantly challenge how people see interior design.

Above all we are style enthusiasts with a passion for quality, detail and that certain “je ne sais quoi”. All of our wallpapers are developed and produced at our headquarters in Borås, Sweden. New designs are explored and created within our own studios and colours are mixed by hand. Printing machines can always be heard singing in the background.

To us it is the sound of visions coming to life.

Our Design Studio

We view the world as an unlimited source of inspiration. And we see colours, patterns and textures in everything. At our studio in Borås those impressions are conceptualized, scrutinized and, eventually, brought to life as intriguing wallpapers.

Our design studio is a meeting point where our dedicated team of skilled designers, freelancers and young talent work together, explore emerging trends and discover new creative visions. We truly believe that great design has the ability to attract and inspire a broad range of people over time. And the design studio is the place where individualism, knowledge and contemporary thought are embraced by all.

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