At Engblad & Co we launch new elegant and modern wallpaper collections every year. Our wallpapers exude careful consideration; design that expresses a certain individuality and awareness. Are you looking to decorate with patterns or solid colour; a tranquil look, or something bolder? Explore our collections to find your favourites!

Engblad & Co

Modern Spaces

Modern Spaces brings a sophisticated urban style to homes. Its elegant wallpapers complement and enhance other interior features to create a well-balanced aesthetic in hallways, living rooms and bedrooms. Wallpapers are coloured in on-trend, muted tones. Often featuring gentle colour contrasts, this wallpaper collection represents "a softer kind of minimalism" – our own Scandinavian interpretation of a European style. Among chic, plain colour wallpapers are floral and geometric patterns. With smooth and textured surfaces, matte and eye-catching shimmering effects, it delights the senses without overwhelming them.

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Engblad & Co

Graphic World

Inspired by the grandeur of our solar system, a city's raw concrete, the lush foliage of nature and strong geometric shapes. The shared aesthetic across all patterns is the pared back form. Designed by Engblad & Co, Graphic World is a modern wallpaper collection which captures simple, striking shapes using elegant, Scandinavian minimalism to compliment a variety of rooms and interior styles. The collection has a soft, rich colour palette. From deep, muted tones of blue, grey and green to powdery pastels, and the occasional shimmer effect.

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