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For our Coloured By collection, the designers at Studio Engblad have explored the powerful nuances of colour. Capable of touching, lifting and calming the soul, colour sets the mood and personality for an entire room. The question is: what feeling do you wish to create on the walls of your bedroom, dining room of hallway? Coloured By is a dynamic collection of light and dark coloured wallpapers which are expertly chosen to enhance their patterns. From classic stripes and geometric shapes to retro-inspired wallpaper patterns with a contemporary, Scandinavian twist, Coloured By is filled with personality. When words aren't enough, you can say it with colour.
Coloured By


It’s said there are more than a hundred shades of red. From intensely expressive to soothing soft. Our choices are made with great care, for elegance and comfort.

Coloured By


Pleasant, beloved green. Harmonious and calm. A beautiful backdrop to both contemporary and classic interiors. An enhancer of dark as well as light woods, natural materials and vibrant accents.


Calm and peaceful blue. Far more than just a colour. With elegant tones, from pale blue to deep midnight sky, myriad of moods can be created.

Coloured By


Energy. Optimism. We have yet again taken the warm yellows to our hearts. Pale shades of yellow ocher, with various amount of black pigment, apply a soft glow to the wall.

Coloured By


Peace and harmony. Earthy beige tones embrace the room, giving it a soft balance. This is a neutral spectrum that fits just as well with cold as with warm accents.

Coloured By


From dim whitewash to dark, warm grey. The neutral colours of the grey scale highlight the Scandinavian interior in an everlasting beautiful manner.


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