The FRONT collection was created by the acclaimed design group Front, taking inspiration from trompe l’œil (“trick of the eye”) visual devices. Using scissors, they cut out different shapes, which were then woven and folded before finally being sketched. The result is a series of patterns that offer a discrete and harmonious backdrop to any room, whilst also being distinctive enough to enhance different interior designs. The collection consists of eight patterns that all add depth, shade and structure to white walls.




Softly subtle vertical lines of shadow create a billowing drapery effect that offers seamless transitions between white and grey. Drapery’s exquisite textile effect gives white walls a visual drama and a naturally sweeping appearance.


An irregular weave of white strips creates a pronounced visual structure and a soft textile look. Weave transforms any white wall into a sophisticated, three-dimensional backdrop.


Tilted Weave

Interlacing white strips of differing widths have been rotated by 45 degrees to create a striking chequered pattern. Tilted Weave’s balanced design exudes an elegant drama and suits a multitude of interior design styles.

The wallpaper Tilted Weave from Engblad & Co. The wallpaper design and pattern is white and consists of Sketched
The wallpaper Tilted Weave from Engblad & Co. The wallpaper design and pattern is white and consists of Sketched
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Tilted Weave

Sketch Weave

Sketch Weave has the same structured, visual depth as Weave but with a more hand-drawn style, lending the wall – and the whole room – a more hand-made, tactile dynamic.



These overlapping organic forms recall the frostbitten forest floor of a winter morning. Leaves enhances white walls, adding structure, natural tones and a serene depth.


Organic, soft, overlapping semi-circles that create a vista of arcs with a powerful, structured feel. These simple, natural forms gently catch the eye without dominating a space. Arches is the perfect white wallpaper for all rooms and interior design styles.


Irregularly placed white squares, outlined with subtle shadows in a way that is both graphic and chaotic. Squares is the perfect choice for a powerful, almost industrial look, but it also makes for a captivating backdrop to many other interior design styles.


Soft, overlapping circles throng together, creating shadows in a captivating, three-dimensional roll. Use Dots to create a harmonious yet striking backdrop to the interior design of the room.

Cut Edge

With its multi-functional, three-dimensional edge, Cut Edge can be used as a traditional border along the upper edge of a wall or to create a wallpaper that is truly three-dimensional. An original way of giving interior designs an unexpected dynamic.


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