Graphic World

Inspired by the grandeur of our solar system, a city's raw concrete, the lush foliage of nature and strong geometric shapes. The shared aesthetic across all patterns is the pared back form. Designed by Engblad & Co, Graphic World is a modern wallpaper collection which captures simple, striking shapes using elegant, Scandinavian minimalism to compliment a variety of rooms and interior styles. The collection has a soft, rich colour palette. From deep, muted tones of blue, grey and green to powdery pastels, and the occasional shimmer effect. Some wallpapers create a quiet, almost meditative feeling while others seize the eye's attention with their artistry. Welcome to our Graphic World – where beauty is everywhere.
Graphic World


With a marble effect exquisitely accented in shimmering gold, our stunning Arch wallpaper in grey and white adds a touch of decadence to any interior. Hang it in your living room or lounge area to create the most striking and luxurious of backdrops. This is the lightest version of three alternative colour schemes.


Delicate and dreamy, our Willow wallpaper in grey draws on the beauty of old-fashioned décor to create a restful and romantic aesthetic. Hang it in your home to transform even the plainest and most pared-back of spaces. Ideal for use in bedrooms and living rooms.

Graphic World


Drawing inspiration from the transcendent beauty of the solar system, our exquisitely illustrated Orbit wallpaper marries wonderful imagery with the most beautiful dark blue and shimmering gold colouring. The perfect piece for the bedroom or to add an out-of-this-world accent to your home office space.

Graphic World


With its idealised marriage of intricacy and simplicity, our Triangular wallpaper adds the perfect artistic edge to otherwise plain interiors. With four colour variations to choose from, this version has a palette of black, blue and shimmering gold. Hang in it your living room or lounge area and create an aesthetic that is uniquely you.

Stripe M

With its monochromatic palette and big blocks of contrasting colour, our Stripe M wallpaper in black and white is instantly arresting. The perfect piece for offsetting pared-back modern interiors, it looks great hanging in living rooms and hallways. Accentuate room height with a classic stripe pattern.

Graphic World


Our delightful Diamonds wallpaper in pink with shimmering golden pattern is the perfect piece for a gorgeously feminine living room or bedroom. Chic and sophisticated, its geometric pattern adds an individual accent to even the most pared-back modern interiors.

Zack Uni

With its soft, tactile surface and understated colour palette, our Zack Uni wallpaper in pale grey is the perfect pick for pared-back modern interiors. Hang it in your home to create a look that’s chic, stylish, and achingly on-trend. Ideal for living rooms and bedrooms.

Graphic World


Marrying a soft pastel colour palette with a delicate pattern of stylised flowers, our Petal wallpaper in turquoise and white provides the most soothing and serene of backdrops. Add a touch of Scandinavian style to your kitchen or hallway. Available in four alternative colour schemes – have you seen them all?

Graphic World


Bringing line art to its fore, our Angle wallpaper in green and white is cool, quirky, and achingly contemporary. Its geometric pattern is inspired by the power lines and architecture of modern urban environments. A soft pastel colour palette makes it the perfect pick for modern bedrooms.

Graphic Wall

Beautifully detailed and intricately painted blue and grey, this special mural wallpaper creates a pattern that leaps off the paper and climbs up the walls. Transform your space into something utterly unique. Hang it in your bedroom or bathroom and create a truly transcendental interior aesthetic.

Graphic World


Beautifully drawn and delicately depicted, our Pine wallpaper was inspired by the beauty of stately Scandinavian firs. Sumptuously coloured in nuances of green, its graphite silhouettes make the most striking of backdrops for chic and simple living rooms. Invite the peaceful harmony of the forest into your home. Ideal for the bedroom, living room and dining room.

Nordic Night

Exquisitely illustrated, this special mural wallpaper has been hand drawn by the finest and most talented artists.

Graphic World


Transposing the simple beauty of concrete into a contemporary and trendy design feature, our Raw wallpaper is both striking and stylish. Use it in your lounge to for a pared back aesthetic or hang it in your children's bedrooms for the coolest of looks. Two colour alternatives available.

Raw Tiles

Inspired by the chic urbanity of the many concrete structures in contemporary Scandinavian streets, our Raw Tiles wallpaper in grey is achingly stylish. Hang it in your home office, livingroom or bedroom to create a relaxed yet edgy interior.


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