Jaime Hayon

The Jaime Hayon collection contains not just new and exciting patterns – as consumers, we are also being offered a unique opportunity to get involved in creating the designs that will decorate our walls at home. “I tried to make the graphic patterns as simple as possible and I focused on how we use wallpaper – the size, the colours, the combinations, and how we lay them out,” Jaime says. “I am fascinated by wallpaper and the difference it can make to a room. For example, how texture and reflections function in different light conditions, and what effects they can produce.” Jaime has gone back to the fundamentals in his designs and his drawings: basic components of dots, lines and circles. With this as a basis for angles, curves, volumes and lines, he has succeeded in creating designs that combine character and discretion. These wallpaper designs will give a room both identity and personality – and they can also be combined with existing furnishing details for a harmonious yet exciting result.


Primitive Roll

The basis for “Primitive Roll” is the most fundamental simple elements in drawing: the line, the point, the curve and the shape. The pattern appears when we take a step back and see how the components fit together to form figures that we all relate to in our different, individual ways.


What makes this wallpaper really stand out from the others is the narrow lengths. The width has been halved in order to produce greater variation in the pattern, and the lengths can be turned in different directions and shifted up or down to create new patterns and a unique wall using our own creativity.

Primitive Micro

In his “Primitive Micro” design, Jaime has played with a pattern in various shades in order to create wallpaper that takes a stand in a room without taking over. Muted colours are combined with small glossy areas that can be easily combined with the furniture, plants and art that we have in our homes.


“Tiles” represents a wall decoration based on squares that can be made as big or as small as you like. By twisting and turning the sheets and mixing them according to their own preference and taste, consumers can create their own unique patterns. “I wanted to create a wallpaper that allows consumers to create their own expression and pattern, with my design as a basis“, says Jaime. One package contains 24 pieces of prepasted sheets (26,5x26,5 cm) ≈ 1,7 m2.


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