Centuries ago, the master craftsmen of distant Eastern lands created timeless works of art. Patient, careful brushstrokes swept softly over canvas and ceramic, forming patterns of captivating beauty. Today, we know that these patterns represent much more than the style of a particular era. Their influence still echoes across time and with Simplicity, we have drawn inspiration from these cultures and from books of antiquities before presenting them in a modern, Scandinavian style. The result is a collection of exquisite subtlety, effortlessly able to create interiors and moods that reflect a desire to live a more relaxed, meaningful life. Simplicity evokes natural warmth and dynamism. Its’ colour palette is rich and earthy - and its eleven patterns seamlessly harmonise contemporary living with the philosophies of gentler, dare we say it, simpler, times.


Dancing Crane

A strong sign of coming spring and often used as a symbol in Asian culture, the dancing, elegant rhythm of the cranes’ movements create soft yet strong patterns across the wallpaper.



A sea of hand-picked flowers, delicate yet durable, creating new formations and movements before our eyes as form and colour remain.

The wallpaper Botanica from Engblad & Co. The wallpaper design and pattern is neutrals and consists of Plants
The wallpaper Botanica from Engblad & Co. The wallpaper design and pattern is neutrals and consists of Plants
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Small and delicate, the soft footprints of playful small birds leave subtle yet striking imprints on the wallpaper.


Maple Leaf

A dream of climbing vines framing a peaceful Oriental garden, Japanese maple leaf motifs are complimented by smaller greenery.


Inspired by the covers of long-lost, treasured pattern books by the Japanese masters.



A meadow of small, delicate flowers, the shape of the brush lends variation to each one, allowing uniqueness to flourish.


A flower, simple in form, is given life and endless subtleties through the application of soft brush strokes, each one unique in character.


Block print

Inspired by the ancient Asian tradition of wooden block printing, unique beauty expresses itself simply through the variation in every motif.


With ambitions of symmetry, variation is also given room for expression through subtle, yet captivatingly imperfect brush strokes.



As ancient as time itself, the flowing river is symbolised through the rhythmic brushstrokes that transfer ink to paper.


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