Design collaborations

Ever since Engblad & Co was founded in the mid-nineteenth century, our collaborations with international designers and architects have been an important part of our work. Through all of these encounters, our distinctive design style has grown. Here you can read about our inspiring design partnerships with Ilse Crawford, Jamie Hayon, Classon Koivisto Rune and many more!

Ilse Crawford

In any project that Ilse Crawford takes on, you get the immediate sense that every choice has been carefully weighed up, every detail presided over with the lightest of touches. Here nothing is left to chance; Ilse Crawford’s ability to make us feel at home in what she creates is no recurring stroke of luck.

Exclusive interview with Ilse

Jaime Hayon


Jaime Hayon, one of the world’s leading designers, has created his own collection of wallpapers for Engblad & Co. In his designs he is strongly influenced by his surroundings, often working from the idea that “good design needs to provoke emotions.” 


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Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren are the members of the Swedish design studio Front. Their works are based on common discussions, explorations and experiments and they collaborate in all projects from initial ideas to the final product.


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Emma Von Brömssen

Nature is often what inspires Emma von Brömssen. She created the Simplicity collection while contemplating ancient crafts and the patient artistic philosophies of their masters. Dancing Crane – one of the patterns in the collection – is Engblad & Co’s most sought-after pattern.

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