EasyUp is our own label that is now used as an established industry term. Today all of our wallpapers are EasyUp.

Simple and easy with EasyUp


EasyUp is durable, non-woven wallpaper that guarantees smooth and seamless walls. It has high opacity, which means that even old wallpaper with strongly contrasting patterns does not show through. EasyUp is also very tough and durable wallpaper that retains its shape and is easy to apply. And the next time you paper over EasyUp, you can forget the sandpaper and putty – the walls are already smooth!

Unlike materials like vinyl, EasyUp wallpapers contain no chlorinated hydrocarbons or softeners, which can be very harmful to the environment and living organisms. As consumers’ knowledge and awareness of environmental issues has grown, so has demand for EasyUp. As the name suggests, EasyUp wallpapers are very easy to put up, and they are also a good environmental choice – for the person living in the space and for the wider world alike.


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