Emma Von Brömssen

Designer Emma von Brömssen draws much of her inspiration from nature. Inspired by ancient crafts and the patient artistic philosophies of their masters, she created the Simplicity collection for Engblad & Co. Dancing Crane – one of the patterns in the collection – is Engblad & Co’s most popular pattern of all time.


Emma von Brömssen design

Centuries ago, master craftsmen of the Far East used their skills and techniques to create perfect, timeless works of art. Their patterns have lived on, running like a thread through the history of art. Today these patterns are so much more than a memory of times past. Emma von Brömssen, the designer behind Simplicity, has drawn inspiration from these very masterworks.

“We wanted Simplicity to reflect the values of older times. Times when excellence in crafts and craftsmanship were valued highly; when tremendous effort and care went into creating things so beautiful that we continue to love them to this day,” says von Brömssen, the designer behind the collection. I hope and believe that the collection can also create interiors and atmospheres that reflect a desire for a more calm and meaningful life.

The end result is an exclusively elegant collection of wallpapers that make it easy to create interiors that evoke a longing for a more calm and meaningful life. The colour palette is deep and earthy, and the ten patterns organically combine a sense of modern living with a dream for softer, more romantic and – dare we say it – simpler times.

The essence of von Brömssen’s wallpaper collection draws on the perfect fusion of the here, now and then.

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