Environmentally conscious production

As a modern business, we believe it is our responsibility to secure that every decision and every action is made with sustainability as top-of-mind. Our conservationist approach ensures we do everything we can to ensure minimal impact on our natural environments. In the sourcing of raw materials, this means buying exclusively from Northern European paper suppliers that practice sustainable forestry. In production we use no PVC or harmful solvents and select only water-based inks and finishes. All to ensure exceptional aesthetic results that are harmless to touch and produce little to no off-gassing.

Further, we take every opportunity to reduce energy consumption in the manufacturing of all our wallpaper. From roll production to the actual application of our designs, finding ways minimise waste is always a main consideration. For example, the paper waste from our production facility in Borås is re-purposed by our local district as fuel to help heat the surrounding community.

All of our products are CE certified according to EU guidelines.

Environmental certification

For us, it is essential that our products and the manner in which they are produced exemplify the highest standards of environmental and safety requirements. Our products are CE certified according to the European standard for wallpaper SS-EN15102. Meaning that our products always comply with the EU directive on the emission of formaldehyde, heavy metals or other hazardous substances.

FSC - Certified

WallVision Sweden AB is since 2018 FSC-certified. This means that we now are using FSC-certified papers and nonwovens to print our wallpapers on. The wood used for producing the papers and nonwovens is coming from sustainable managed forests. The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is an international organization that works for forest management to be environmentally, social and economically responsible. More information about FSC can be found on https://www.fsc.org/


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