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The kitchen is the heart of the home, the place where we spend the most time. It’s where we cook, hang out, eat and chat about the more mundane parts of life. This needs to be a space we feel good in; a space suitable for social events, but one that is also functional and lasts. Wallpapers can enhance the style you want for your kitchen, and we have many to choose from, from retro to classic styles, or – why not? – wallpapers with an international touch.

Wallpapers are an easy way to set the tone in the kitchen and turn it into the home’s beating heart. Choose from among our wallpapers for kitchens here and buy wallpaper samples or wallpapers.


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Dancing Crane Special Edition

Hallway / Staircase

The hall tends to be the first spaces we wallpaper in a home, as it is typically a relatively small surface to start with and it feels handy and fun.


Wallpapers for hallways

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Choose the wallpaper that best suits the purpose. Order your rolls directly or place an order for samples to compare in the home.

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Dining room 

Whatever you are looking for, we have many wallpapers to choose from for your dining room. Choose a wallpaper that suits your personal style.

Wallpapers for Dining rooms



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