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A mural is a wall painting that often has a larger design than is possible with ordinary traditional wallpaper, creating a large and powerful impression. The design is divided over four lengths, each 45 cm wide. You adapt the mural wallpaper yourself to suit your wall; the design can generally be repeated to fit the desired height and width. Sometimes a mural has fixed dimensions, but it can usually still be repeated horizontally.


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Feature wallpaper


If you don’t want to paper all the walls in a room, you can choose a feature wallpaper for a background or foreground wall. Remember that dark shades make things appear smaller and will bring the wall “nearer”, which gives a more intimate feel. A light feature wall will make the wall feel further away and give the room a more airy feel. Consider whether you want to emphasise or highlight a window wall or perhaps a wall behind a sofa or bed.

You will probably be more daring with a feature wall in a hall or a smaller room where you spend less time, for example, a guest toilet or walk-in-closet. Bolder colours and more vibrant designs can provide extra impact here without being tiring. Just remember not to choose patterns that are too large if the surfaces are very small or if the ceiling is low, as the pattern can “disappear”.

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A border can be used in a variety of ways: either to divide a room into two different halves, featuring varying colours and/or patterns, but also to cover badly-painted edges or simply to decorate part of the wall with an attractive motif or pattern. Many people choose to decorate children’s rooms with borders; perhaps some kind of playful design that works well against a more subdued wallpaper.

A border in a living room can enhance a certain look or style you are trying to create. In addition, a border is easy to replace and so can be a simple alternative if you want to make a quick change to your décor.

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