WallVision works hard to ensure that your privacy is protected when using our services. We therefore have a policy that determines how your personal data should be processed and protected. This privacy policy applies to the customers who are affected by all of  WallVision's brands and websites: WallVision, Boråstapeter, Engblad & Co, Cole & Son, Wallpapermatch, Borge and Wall & Déco.

Who is responsible for your personal information?

WallVision is takes full responsibility for the management of personal data processed within the company.

What type of personal information do we collect?

• We collect personal information that is required to meet our customers' orders.

• We only use personal information that you provide us with directly.
• In most cases, this includes contact information such as names, telephone numbers, e-mails and addresses.

Why do we need your personal information and what is it used for?

• To process your order.
• To send you notifications about delivery status.
• To contact you about delivering your goods or when to pick them up at a store.
• To respond to your questions.
• To update you about our offering.
We save your information as long as it is required to fulfil the above purposes or as long as we are required by law to do so. Following this, your personal data will be deleted.

How is the data protected?

We follow the appropriate technical and organizational security measures, consistent with industry standards, to ensure that all information we process is protected from unauthorized access to it. All information about you as a private person is stored within the European Union. Only a limited number of employees have access to the information about you and their handling of the information is strictly regulated.

Your rights

You have the right to know what we do with your personal data, when and how your personal data is processed and why. You also have the right to access your personal data as well as to have it moved, corrected, or deleted.

Right to access

As a free service you may, once a year, request information about any personal data of yours that remains on file with us, the purposes of holding this personal data and information about how and where this personal data was obtained.

Requests to receive such information must be in writing and sent to us at the address below:

WA WallVision AB
to: Data Protection Officer
Box 1
501 13 Borås

To find and deliver your personal data please submit your name, personal identification number, address, phone number and email address. Please also specify to which email address you would like the information sent and which password you want the compressed file to have.
In order to ensure that it is only you who have access to this information, it is important that with each request you sign the requesting document and provide a copy of an approved identification document such as a passport or driver’s license.

Right to correction

We are responsible for ensuring that the personal data we process is correct and up to date. However, if you notice that we have incorrect information about you, you have the right to request that we rectify such information. You also have the right to provide us with relevant personal information that you believe is missing.
We will let you know once the correction has been made. However, this does not apply if completing the request proves impossible or an overly burdensome effort. At the time of request, we will inform you as to whom the correction request has been issued.

Right to delete personal data

Your information is kept on file for as long as you are a customer with us. When the agreement between us has ended, in most cases they are deleted. An exception would be, for example, when we are required by law to save them for periods of time. (i.e., as dictated by the Accounting Act) However, as a customer you always have the right to ask that your personal data be deleted.

In these cases, personal data is always deleted:

• When personal information is no longer needed for the purposes for which we have initially collected and processed it.
• When you withdraw your consent for us to hold your personal data.
• When the processing is intended for direct marketing and you oppose the processing of personal data.
• If you oppose the personal data processing that takes place after a balance of interests and there are no justifiable reasons that outweigh your interest.
• If personal data is not processed according to regulation.
• If deletion is required to fulfil a legal obligation.

Submitting a complaint

If you consider that we treat your personal data in violation of applicable data protection regulations, you should report this to us as soon as possible. You can also turn directly to the Data Inspectorate and submit a complaint.

Use of cookies

In order to ensure that you receive the most relevant information and the best service when using ours and our partners' online services, information is collected through so-called cookies on your device.


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