Scandinavian design for your wall

Ever since the first day, over 150 years ago, Engblad & Co has been bold and inventive. We have been continuously challenging the traditional role of the wallpaper as being mere decoration. In our hands, the design of the wall becomes something more.

The Scandinavian design is widely known for its clean and stylish expression. Geometric precision in lines and angels. Sensible colour choices, beautifully contrasting each other. Our design is all that, and makes the wall essential to the room’s atmosphere, harmonising with the interior and the architecture.

The inspiration to our designs comes from all over the world, from nature as well as the fashion scene. We are drawn to urban diversity, unexpected pattern clashes and the search for what is new and exciting. From this, we create a luxurious mood with carefully selected details, tactile surfaces and refined expressions.

Our creative process is quite similar to how the great Scandinavian designers have been working for centuries. Cutting edge, with an innovative hand and a great sensitivity to tendencies and upcoming trends.


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