Studio Engblad ❤️ Toronto

The bliss. Being in a big city, without the hectic atmosphere that so often permeates the streets of today's metropolises. A place full of fascinating, bright architecture. Well-balanced, yet edgy. Innovative, yet with great respect for the past. A spot where all is welcome.


Toronto, old buildings are preserved while new architecture is rising up around them. With influences from all over the world. Like the spectacular KING Toronto project, for example. A whole neighbourhood designed by the Danish BIG architects (Bjarke Ingels Group). This is a city where you don't have to search for new ideas, you inhale them.

Dedicate a day for inspiration! Start at the beach on Toronto Island, with our bare feet in the pure white sand and the beautiful city skyline as a backdrop. Then take a walk along Toronto waterfront into downtown. Go to Chinatown and visit the impressing AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario), well worth a guided tour.

Try the typical Canadian fast food dish Poutine for lunch. Have a coffee and check out people passing by, then stroll around the trendy little shops in West Queen West. Then crown your day with dinner and a good night's sleep at the creative Drake Hotel. A favourite hub for artists and creatives where vintage and contemporary work perfectly together. A laid-back winner for sure!

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