Deep Thunder
Engblad & Co

Deep Thunder

1,50 € / Sample

Coloured in a shade of blue so dark that it verges on black, our Deep Thunder wallpaper possesses the ethereal beauty of a stormy sky at night. With its shimmering surface and soft, fibrous texture, this wallpaper is the ideal choice for chic and stylish homes. Hang it in your living room or office space to express yourself in the most elegant and effortless of ways. Would you like a sample of Deep Thunder sent directly to your home? Then simply click on the link above. Alternatively, our store locator tool will reveal your nearest retailer in the UK or around the world.


  • Brand Engblad & Co
  • Collection Mix Metallic (Second Edition)
  • Roll Width 0.53
  • Roll length 10.05
  • Repeatsize 0.00
  • Primary color Black
  • Drop type No alignment


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